Ray Piskin of CCP Solutions

My passion is to share sustainable, green products that not only helps the environment but reduces costs for people across the world. Today, my mission is to facilitate the implementation of revolutionary new Green Technologies, such as the Book ScanCenter, into both public and college libraries around the world to help create more interactive and effective collaborating spaces. Over the past year I have helped over 100 libraries across the United States implement green technology into their library infrastructure including: NYU, Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Rutgers University, and more!

 Scannx Book ScanCenter is your Digital Scanning Solution!

Scannx BookScan Center

The Scannx software easily guides the user to automatically scan and save book pages, documents, contracts, receipts, resumes and photos into digital files. Scanned images can be automatically converted into PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG file formats, among others. The converted files may then be sent automatically to Email, a USB flash drive, Google Docs, Smartphone, Tablet, Fax, Printer, Network or FTP, by simply selecting the desired option on the touchscreen.

Scannx’s patent pending software, plus its patented book-edge design, is designed for librarians, archivists, historians, genealogists, municipalities, and others who want to preserve rare, historical and reference books. Scannx’ patent pending Scan-to-Smartphone and Tablet features, as well as its Scan-to-Fax services, and integration with credit and debit card payment systems offer increased productivity in research and collaboration as well as revenue sharing opportunities for resellers and libraries.